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End period Poverty - 3 simple ways you can help.

Do you feel frustrated that millions of girls across the world miss out on an education because they don't have period products? Do you want to help create change but don't know how?

We need you!

Shared Threads donates cloth period packs to women worldwide so that they can manage their period with dignity, get an education and thrive. Our groups of volunteers make them from secondhand cotton. You don't have to be a sewer to be involved, so follow this link to connect with your local group.

However, here are 3 simple activities that you can do from your own kitchen table. Great activities to get kids and teens involved with. Especially if you are keen to teach them about recycling and period poverty and that their actions can make a real difference in the world.

1. Cut up old towels.

The middle layer of our cloth pads is made from secondhand towels. The more towels have been washed, the more absorbent they are, so your secondhand towels are perfect and because they are the middle layer, sandwiched in between a layer of cotton and PUL ( a breathable waterproof fabric ) it does not matter what colour they are.

What you need.

A bit of cardboard, a felt tip pen, some old towels that you no longer use, and a pair of sharp scissors.

Cut your piece of cardboard into a rectangle template 26cm x 12cm. Lay your towel out flat and use your template and pen to draw out rectangles to cut out.

Boys and girls cutting up towels at our open day on International Women's Day.

When you have your towels cut up, stack them in a bag and deliver them to your local Shared Threads group which you can find here.

2. Make gift tags.

Each girl receives a pack containing a handwritten note. It lets them know that someone has taken the time to sew these pads for them. Despite the language barrier, the feedback from girls is that the note adds to feeling of being special and loved. The making and donating of these packs is a beautiful act of kindness from our volunteers and a handwritten note highlights that.

What you need

Secondhand card/ pretty paper, scissors, and a pen. optional - (hole punch, materials to decorate.)

Cut yourself a template like this which you can draw around.

Cut out several tags this shape from whatever card you have available. You can decorate with pretty paper or ribbon and add string or ribbon through the punched hole if you able to. Then beautifully write our message,

'Handmade for you

with love from Shared Threads'

Pop your finished tags into an envelope and send them to the Shared Threads studio.

Unit A103,

Portview Trade Centre,

310, Newtownards Road,

Belfast BT4 1HE

Click on the link to my pinterest site here for inspiration on making gift tags.

3. Become a Shared Threads patron.

Do you struggle with how to turn your passion for women's empowerment into action? Do you want to be part of a movement that helps break the degrading cycle of women feeling shamed and powerless during their period?

We need you!

Please consider being a Shared Threads patron. Click here to donate monthly. Increase the number to the amount of your choosing.

It is simple. We need your financial support. Together we will equip women to manage their period with dignity, get an education and thrive.

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