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Our Story

The Shared Threads story began around my kitchen table. I was angry about period poverty. I was frustrated that there are people who menstruate in the world who can't get or afford period supplies. I gathered a few people together and suggested we do something. I knew that as a society, we have vast amounts of wasted cotton and towels which I knew could be easily turned into cloth pads. 


I also knew I loved gathering people together to make. So we started making and sending pads to those who need them.

We put them in a cute handmade bag.

Our period packs look like this.

Video by Strut and Bellow

More people wanted to be part of the story. So we started more groups. Now we have groups all over Northern Ireland and Ireland and we are growing still. 


We are delivering thousands of cloth pads all over the world as well as locally, distributed through our partner organisations and charities alongside great menstrual education.


If you'd like to be part of the story, there are so many ways to get involved with our Shared Threads Collective. And you don't even need sew! Together, we can transform our unused piles of cotton.


Into a washable, sustainable solution for people to manage their period.


Together, we can get menstrual supplies to those who need them. Find out how to get involved here. Any age, any skill level! We need you!

Kirsty x

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